Abbé Perkins

NYTO Cellos

Abbé has been a teacher of cello, piano, strings, theory and voice for over 30 years with Nottingham County Council’s Inspire, she also teaches cello and piano for Nottingham Trent University, plus teaches privately.

At the age of 16 she studied at Clarendon College achieving grade 8 piano and cello before moving on to the Birmingham Conservatoire to study for her degree and teaching diplomas, achieving distinction in her teaching studies.

Abbé has a special connection to NYO as she was an original member under the NYO’s co-founder Derek Williams. She toured America and Canada with NYO in 1984 for the 25th Anniversary. Becoming cello tutor for Training Orchestra was a natural progression.

“I absolutely love my work and its different aspects including supporting students, meeting parents and working with my tutor colleagues. Watching how we grow as a team to achieve our goals and seeing students move forward to even greater opportunities is so rewarding.”

— Abbé Perkins