NYWO - Wind Orchestra

The Nottingham Youth Wind Orchestra is a NEW orchestra launching in September 2023.

Designed for woodwind, brass & percussion players, NYO’s wind and percussion tutors are keen to give players another outlet to showcase their talents. NYWO will not only further students’ ensemble skills but also give opportunities to share solos within the ensemble and increase performance stamina.

Woodwind, brass and percussion players

Conductor Lilla Di Miceli and NYO’s tutors have lots of great wind band music that they are looking forward to performing with Nottinghamshire’s windband playing talent.

This orchestra is ideal for brass & woodwind players of Grade 4-8+ standard and percussionists of Grade 3+. NYWO is perfect for those instruments that don't usually get to shine within a symphony orchestra e.g. Eb clarinet, saxophones, or keyboard. Whilst some scores include double bass, if your main instrument is strings but you also play a wind or percussion as your second instrument then NYWO is a great opportunity to improve on those instrumental skills within a friendly community of like-minded students.
Interested in joining? Simply contact the NYO Administrator.