Nottingham Youth Orchestra – Summer Concert 2023

Training Orchestra


David Leeder


  • 1. Let Me Entertain You
    — Sondheim/Styne (arr. Cerulli)
  • 2. Beauty and the Beast
    — Ashman/Menkin (arr. Lavender)
  • 3. Born To Be Wild
    — Mars Bonfire (arr. Sweeney)
  • 4. What’s Up At The Symphony
    — Arr. Brubaker
  • 5. Medieval Legend
    — Michael Story
  • 6. Egmont Overture
    — Beethoven (arr. Meyer)

Programme notes

Welcome to this afternoon’s concert. We hope you will enjoy the great variety of music we will presenting today.

1. Let Me Entertain You

NYTO starts with music from the Stephen Sondheim/Julie Styne play and film Gypsy, where the song Let Me Entertain You is sung by the the burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee.  We hope we entertain you today but perhaps not in quite the same way as Rose Lee!

2. Beauty and the Beast

In 2015 the Disney film Beauty and the Beast was one of the most expensive films ever made, but made up for this by becoming the second highest grossing film in 2017 and the tenth highest grossing film of all time.  Here is a medley from the film:  Belle, Beauty and the Beast and Be Our Guest. 

3. Born To Be Wild

Born To Be Wild, performed by Steppenwolf, was used during the credit sequence of the seminal motorcycle road trip film Easy Rider starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda.

4. What's Up At The Symphony

Looney Tunes created so many well known cartoon characters; far too many to list but the favourites are Wile E Coyote and Road Runner, Tweety Pie and Sylvester, Daffy Duck and of course Bugs Bunny and his arch enemy, the hunter,  Elmer Fudd, with their catch phrases “What’s up, Doc” and “That’s All Folks!”. In What’s Up At The Symphony Looney Tunes uses classical music as a background for adventures with Bugs and Elmer, a famous one being Elmer singing “Kill the Wabbit” to the Ride Of The Valkeries. 

5. Medieval Legend

Medieval Legend is a fantasy for orchestra written by Michael Story. A fanfare introduction leads to a rustic dance section which is followed by a wistful, gentle tune before returning to the dance.

6. Egmont Overture

Ludwig van Beethoven - Portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler, 1820

The Opera Egmont, from which this Egmont Overture is taken,  is Beethoven’s tribute to the 16th century Dutch martyr.  The Count of Egmont was a Dutch Nobleman who led the Flemish resistance against the Spanish rule in the Netherlands.  Though under threat of being arrested he refused to run away and give up his ideal of liberty. He was eventually caught and beheaded.  This will be heard by two strong descending notes from the strings. After some mournful chords from the woodwind the country rises up against the oppressors. 

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Violin 1
Jessica Griffiths *
Lucia Zhu 
Valeriia Lazarenko
Emily Chen
Sebby Caulton
Harleen Gosal
Shakeel Muhammad
Emanuel Talmain
Alexander Barker
Rory Pearce
Lexi Murphy 

Violin 2
William Connor
Arlen Williams
Florence Reid
Ellie Trevers
Karlton Ma
Koji Wong 
Isaac Salt
Aoife O'Boyle
Erin Lam 
Amber Tiel
Ethan Zhu 
Hardhik Vittanala
Mia Georgiou-Couto

Violin 3 / Viola
Owen Fraser (viola)
Isabel Kelly (viola)
Neha Gosal 
Emily Zheng
Jancis Wong
Fern Stephenson
Kali Wan
Peony Lai
Wilf Leonard 
Max Evans
Yelena Yemets

Katherine Zhu 
Pak Yin Wong
Rebecca Stavrinides
Liam Brown
Felicity Almond
Gabriella Neaves
Darren Ballard
Jenny Fang
Finley Wheatcroft
Joseff Fraser

Tobey Yee Sum Lai 
Tabitha Kumar
Eliza Harrison
Nellie Mason
Sophie McIntyre

Alice Dow
Tej Pathak 
Lucas Zhu
Destiny Ballard 
Charlie Ball 
Ming Fung Wong 
Yik Sze Wong
Clare Hsieh

Alexander Develin-Shaw
Yik Long Wong

Trumpet 1
Robbie Yeomans 
Roman Moczarski

Trumpet 2
Ruaraidh Pole
Charlie Evans

Jacob Bishop

Emeka Bolu

Isabelle Stocker
Vincent Mattern
Artem Lazarenko
Zachary Leavers


Tutor Thanks

Tracey Kearney - 1st Violin
Jonathan Kightley - 2nd Violin
Merri Knight - 3rd Violin / Viola
Abbe Perkins - Cello
Heather Parkin - Woodwind
Nadine Leeder - Brass
Jackie Kendle & Louise Risby - Percussion

NYO would like to thank the Danny Morris Memorial Trust Fund for their support.

Peter Horril Scholarship
We are very grateful to the Horril family for their donation in memory of Peter Horril. Peter was a local schoolmaster and music lover.

Friends of NYO
Prof & Mrs D F Brailsford
Mr & Mrs A Foster
Mr R Hammond
Mr & Mrs Hands
Professor S & Mrs H Hodkinson
Mrs F Keetley
Mrs Emily Kenefeck
Mr & Mrs A MacDiarmid
Mrs Elisabeth Mills
Mr & Mrs R Nicolle
Mr & Mrs A C Powell
Prof & Dr Polnay
Mr & Mrs K Pryer
Mr & Mrs R Skinner
Drs A & M D Smith
Mr H & Mrs E Watkinson
Mrs Witcombe

French Horn Chair - In memory of Don and Betty Adamson
Double Bass Chair - In memory of Corin Long and Pam Thomas