Nottingham Youth Orchestra – Spring Concert 2024

Intermediate Orchestra


Christopher Hoggarth


  • 1. Hansel and Gretel Overture
    — Humperdinck (arr. Ling)
  • 2. Duke Ellington!
    — Ellington (arr. Custer)
  • 3. Theme from E.T.
    — Williams (arr. Ployhar)
  • 4. Night on Bald Mountain
    — Mussorgsky

Programme notes

NYIO have prepared a varied and challenging programme demonstrating a range of musical styles from different periods of music.

1. Hansel and Gretel Overture

We begin the concert with the Overture to Humperdinck's opera, Hansel and Gretel. Composed across 1891-2, the Opera portrays the traditional fairy tale and the Overture sets the stage for the magical and whimsical character that will follow. The piece opens with a warm lyrical theme, interrupted by a trumpet fanfare to lead us into the main body of the Overture. Several key themes from the opera are presented including children and play, evening prayer, and the magical forest. At the end of the piece these themes are skilfully woven together.

2. Duke Ellington!

Born in 1899, Duke Ellington was an American composer, pianist and bandleader who led one of the most influential jazz orchestras in the world. His career spanned over five decades and his compositions shaped the course of jazz history. This medley covers some of his greatest hits and has provided the Intermediate Orchestra (many of whom are new to playing jazz music) a chance to perform a very different style of music to traditional orchestral repertoire. 

3. Theme from E.T.

Released in 1982, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was an immediate blockbuster hit, and tells the story of a boy who befriends a being who is stranded on earth and in need of help to return to his home planet. John Williams' score for the film accomplished the feat of winning the Academy Award, Golden Globe, Grammy and BAFTA. The main theme from the film prominently features the famous sweeping string melody, alternating with a playful wind theme. The music picks up with a brass fanfare before coming to a soft calm close.

4. Night on Bald Mountain

Mussorgsky, c. 1870

NYIO typically play arrangements of music that make some of the trickier passages more manageable for younger players, but we do also try to tackle original versions. These would be the same parts used by a professional orchestra, and these are the parts we will be using to perform our final piece. Composed in 1867 by Mussorgsky, Night on Bald Mountain conjures images of supernatural legends from Russian folklore: a witches' sabbath on top of a treeless mountain. The music begins with frantic eerie sounds from the violins and woodwind leading to a strident theme for the brass and lower strings. Harsh timbres and dissonances add to the tense atmosphere. The music builds to a frantic finale before being halted by the sounds of distant church bells, which bring in dawn and disperse the evil spirits.



Violin 1
Elsie O'Connor *
Isaac So *
Evie Cox *
Amelie Almond *
Lucy Jackson
Isla Williams
Rujula Anand
Noah Wright
Angel Bhandal

Violin 2
Phoebe Neate
Anya Hume
Jessica Griffiths
Lera Lazarenko
Karimah Muhammad
Sebby Caulton
Lucia Zhu
Harleen Gosal 

Violin 3
Shakeel Muhammad (Viola in Theme from E.T)
Emanuel Talmain (Viola in Theme from E.T)

Ayesha Pocock 
Julia Phillippe
Moira Taylor
Isabel Kelly

Cedric Lam
Katherine Zhu 
Jasper Duff
Christian Hackett
Rebecca Stavrinides
Hannah Newman
Liam Brown
Jess Dawson
Darren Wong

Hattie Jamieson
Kitty Haworth
James Golding 
Chloe Wong
Tobey Lai 

Kitty Haworth
Hattie Jamieson

Kaylyn Young

Amelia Cocker
Lavinia Scurtu
Isobel McIntyre
Chiara Empringham 
Destiny Ballard

Bass Clarinet
Isobel McIntyre

Edward Leeming

Jacob Ingram
Esther Mackay
Charlie Tallant
Charlotte Simmonds
Dylan Siew Grainger
Daniel Golding

James Leung
Ethan Chiang

Albert Beesley - Collingwood
Paige Kirya
Daisy Price
Jasmine Price

*Joint Leaders

Tutor Thanks

Dora Chatzigeorgiou - 1st Violin
Sarah Cresswell - 2nd Violin
Juliet Ward - 3rd Violin / Viola
Matthew Barks – Double Bass / Cello
Charlotte Reavley - Woodwind
Steve Bennett - Brass
Alex Lucas - Percussion
Roisin Hickey – Harp

NYO would like to thank the Danny Morris Memorial Trust Fund for their support.

Peter Horril Scholarship
We are very grateful to the Horril family for their donation in memory of Peter Horril. Peter was a local schoolmaster and music lover.

Donation of Paxman Series 4 French Horn
Families of NYO members may be aware that we have bursaries available which provide financial support towards membership fees, trips and instrumental tuition. What is perhaps less well known is NYO also has a number of musical instruments available on loan, again to support NYO members based on genuine need. 

In 2023 NYO was fortunate to receive a brand new Paxman Series 4 French Horn which is an excellent student level instrument donated by the Bob Paxman Young Horn Players Fund and supplied by Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd. This horn is being used by a student at today’s concert alongside a few other instruments which NYO is able to offer on loan to students during their membership of NYO.

Friends of NYO
Prof & Mrs D F Brailsford
Mr & Mrs A Foster
Mr R Hammond
Mr & Mrs Hands
Professor S & Mrs H Hodkinson
Mrs F Keetley
Mrs Emily Kenefeck
Mr & Mrs A MacDiarmid
Mrs Elisabeth Mills
Mr & Mrs R Nicolle
Mr & Mrs A C Powell
Prof & Dr Polnay
Mr & Mrs K Pryer
Mr & Mrs R Skinner
Drs A & M D Smith
Mr H & Mrs E Watkinson
Mrs Witcombe

French Horn Chair - In memory of Don and Betty Adamson
Double Bass Chair - In memory of Corin Long and Pam Thomas