Nottingham Youth Orchestra – Spring Concert 2024

Training Orchestra


David Leeder


  • 1. Comedy Tonight
    — Sondheim (arr. Ralph Ford)
  • 2. Brahms 1st Symphony (4th Movement)
    — Brahms (arr. Vernon Leidig)
  • 3. Norwegian Dance
    — Grieg (arr. Michael Story)
  • 4. Dance Of The Hours
    — Ponchielli (arr. Ling)
  • 5. Song Without Words
    — Tchaikovsky (arr. Benoy)
  • 6. Thriller
    — Rod Temperton (arr. Johnnie Vinson)
  • 7. Eden Ridge
    — Larry Clark

Programme notes

A warm welcome to the Nottingham Youth Orchestra’s Spring Concert.

1. Comedy Tonight

The Training Orchestra is pleased to start the proceedings here with Comedy Tonight, a number taken from the Sondheim hit musical “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”, which was inspired by the farces of the ancient Roman playwright Plautus. The musical tells of the efforts of the slave Pseudolus to win his freedom by helping his master woo the girl next door. The title derives from the way vaudeville comedians would start a story with “a funny thing happened on the way to the theatre”.

2. Brahms 1st Symphony (4th Movement)

Brahms in 1889

Brahms took 14 years to complete his first symphony, saying, “you have no idea how it feels to hear behind you the tramp of a giant like Beethoven”. The symphony was finished in 1876, when Brahms was 43 years old, and it went on to be one of the world’s most popular symphonies.

The last movement, of which we are playing an arrangement today, has a short dramatic introduction followed by a melodic horn call. While living in the mountains near Zurich Brahms heard an alphorn playing. He wrote down this tune and used it as the horn solo in this movement.

3. Norwegian Dance

Two dances follow, although they hardly feel like dances. Grieg had a fierce national pride and wanted to highlight Norway’s strong and colourful folk music.  This Norwegian Dance was originally written for piano duet. 

4. Dance Of The Hours

Dance Of The Hours is taken from Ponchielli’s opera “La Gioconda”. Those of you of a certain age will recognise it immediately as the comedy song Hallo Mother, Hello Father sung by Allan Sherman.  

5. Song Without Words

Song Without Words is a delightful little piece, originally written for the piano, which gives the orchestra a chance to play delicately. 

6. Thriller

One of last century’s most popular singers, Michael Jackson, performed Thriller, a song and video, the subject of which we will not go into with a young audience, but the music is great.  We will start it with a modified version of the “rap” that Vincent Price recites in the Jackson productions.

7. Eden Ridge

Eden Ridge is a non-programmatic work that contains musical elements that bring to mind the English countryside.  The opening fanfare is a prelude to the lilting theme which is briefly interrupted by a slow lyrical interlude.



Violin 1
Koji Wong *
Alexander Barker
Aoife O'Boyle
Lexi Murphy 
William Connor
Rory Pearce
Isaac Salt
Elizabeth Trevers
Florence Reid
Mia Georgiou-Couto
Karlton Ma

Violin 2
Erin Lam 
Emi Douglas
Bella Lai
Jasmine Sham
Neha Gosal
Fern Stephenson
Amber Tiel
Jancis Wong
Hardhik Vittanala
Ethan Zhu 

Violin 3 / Viola
Owen Fraser (viola)
Jenny Betts
Xanthe Chan
Anna Nguyen
Wilf Leonard
Peony Lai
Max Evans
Ninno Yu
Yelena Yemets
Jess Trevers
Yanney Chan
Shun Yan Szeto
Aidan Temirkhanov

William Livingston
Felicity Almond
Elizabeth Kenny
Iliana Michailidou - Morton
Samuel Hartley
Awena Leung
Jenny Fang
Darren Ballard
Finley Wheatcroft
Curtis Leung
Joseff Fraser

Tabitha Kumar
Nellie Mason
Niamh Brown
Sophie McIntyre

Charlie Ball
Malvin Wong
Sonya Wong
Danny Farrelly Grimley
Clare Hsieh
Elsie Conway

Lennon Wong
Adrian Chan
Alexander Develin-Shaw

Trumpet 1
Ruaraidh Pole
Roman Moczarski
Henry Siviter
Charlie Evans

Emeka Bolu

Artem Lazarenko
Benjamin Mattern
Vincent Mattern


Tutor Thanks

Tracey Kearney - 1st Violin
Jonathan Kightley - 2nd Violin
Merri Knight - 3rd Violin / Viola
Abbe Perkins - Cello
Heather Parkin - Woodwind
Nadine Leeder - Brass
Jackie Kendle - Percussion

NYO would like to thank the Danny Morris Memorial Trust Fund for their support.

Peter Horril Scholarship
We are very grateful to the Horril family for their donation in memory of Peter Horril. Peter was a local schoolmaster and music lover.

Donation of Paxman Series 4 French Horn
Families of NYO members may be aware that we have bursaries available which provide financial support towards membership fees, trips and instrumental tuition. What is perhaps less well known is NYO also has a number of musical instruments available on loan, again to support NYO members based on genuine need. 

In 2023 NYO was fortunate to receive a brand new Paxman Series 4 French Horn which is an excellent student level instrument donated by the Bob Paxman Young Horn Players Fund and supplied by Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd. This horn is being used by a student at today’s concert alongside a few other instruments which NYO is able to offer on loan to students during their membership of NYO.

Friends of NYO
Prof & Mrs D F Brailsford
Mr & Mrs A Foster
Mr R Hammond
Mr & Mrs Hands
Professor S & Mrs H Hodkinson
Mrs F Keetley
Mrs Emily Kenefeck
Mr & Mrs A MacDiarmid
Mrs Elisabeth Mills
Mr & Mrs R Nicolle
Mr & Mrs A C Powell
Prof & Dr Polnay
Mr & Mrs K Pryer
Mr & Mrs R Skinner
Drs A & M D Smith
Mr H & Mrs E Watkinson
Mrs Witcombe

French Horn Chair - In memory of Don and Betty Adamson
Double Bass Chair - In memory of Corin Long and Pam Thomas