Nottingham Youth Orchestra – Winter Concert November 2023

Nottingham Youth Wind Orchestra


David Leeder


  • 1. Wallace and Gromit
    — Julian Nott
  • 2. Uptown Funk!
    — Mark Ronson / Bruno Mars (arr. Jay Bocook)

Programme notes

As we launch Nottingham Youth Wind Orchestra, we extend an invitation to all young musicians to join us on this exciting musical adventure in 2024. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just beginning your musical journey, there's a place for you in our wind orchestra!

1. Wallace and Gromit

Enter the whimsical world of Wallace and Gromit, brought to life through the delightful music of composer Julian Nott. This charming piece of music encapsulates the humor, adventure, and endearing friendship found in the beloved animated films created by Nick Park. With a nod to the ingenious inventor Wallace and his ever-faithful canine companion Gromit, this piece promises a journey filled with laughter, excitement, and heartwarming melodies.

Julian Nott's original scores for the Wallace and Gromit series have become as iconic as the characters themselves. The stop-motion animated films, featuring the quirky inventor Wallace and his silent but expressive dog Gromit, have won the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Get ready for a musical escapade with Wallace and Gromit!

2. Uptown Funk!

"Uptown Funk" needs no introduction as it has become a global phenomenon since its release in 2014. The collaboration between producer Mark Ronson and pop sensation Bruno Mars resulted in a chart-topping hit that seamlessly blends elements of funk, R&B, and pop. Today, we present an exhilarating wind orchestra arrangement that captures the infectious energy and groove of the original.

Originally released as the lead single from Mark Ronson's album "Uptown Special," the song draws inspiration from the funk and soul sounds of the 1970s, with a modern twist. Bruno Mars' charismatic vocals and Ronson's masterful production catapulted "Uptown Funk" to the top of charts worldwide, earning critical acclaim and multiple awards.

Our wind orchestra arrangement transforms the iconic pop track into a dynamic and vibrant showcase for wind instruments.

We hope you enjoy this lively and spirited performance!



Alto Sax
Lucy Jackson

Destiny Ballard
Alice Dow
Tabitha Kumar
Charlie Ball

Hattie Jamieson
Cassie Egan
Grace Skellern

Dylan Siew Grainger
Ethan Ko

Casper Davies

Tutor Thanks

Heather Parkin - Woodwind
Charlotte Reavley - Woodwind
Nadine Leeder - Brass
Louise Risby - Percussion

NYO would like to thank the Danny Morris Memorial Trust Fund for their support.

Peter Horril Scholarship
We are very grateful to the Horril family for their donation in memory of Peter Horril. Peter was a local schoolmaster and music lover.

Friends of NYO
Prof & Mrs D F Brailsford
Mr & Mrs A Foster
Mr R Hammond
Mr & Mrs Hands
Professor S & Mrs H Hodkinson
Mrs F Keetley
Mrs Emily Kenefeck
Mr & Mrs A MacDiarmid
Mrs Elisabeth Mills
Mr & Mrs R Nicolle
Mr & Mrs A C Powell
Prof & Dr Polnay
Mr & Mrs K Pryer
Mr & Mrs R Skinner
Drs A & M D Smith
Mr H & Mrs E Watkinson
Mrs Witcombe

French Horn Chair - In memory of Don and Betty Adamson
Double Bass Chair - In memory of Corin Long and Pam Thomas