Charlotte Reavley

NYIO Woodwind

Charlotte began her musical life in NYO as a clarinettist, and went on their epic 10th anniversary tour of America and Canada. She went on to study music at Leeds University, where she conducted the University Sinfonia Orchestra, and worked for Opera North’s Schools outreach program.

Charlotte is passionate about performing arts, and directed Oliver and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory with children aged 8 to 16. She continued this passion by teaching singing at Stage Coach Theatre School for 15 years. Charlotte has been a woodwind teacher in Nottinghamshire, and a tutor at NYO for over 20 years. She also runs a summer theatre school for local children.

“I love working with children and encouraging them with their own musical journey. I am passionate that music should be available to all, and I currently work for Mahogany Opera who bring Opera to schools who have limited resources. I love to see students progress through all 3 NYO orchestras, and see how life changing it can be”

— Charlotte Reavley