NYO on tour

Each summer NYO is invited to undertake a foreign tour. In recent years NYO has performed in some stunning European cities with students exploring locations such as Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Edinburgh, Florence, Paris, Prague and Vienna. On return to Nottingham, NYO gives a post-tour concert to parents and friends.

NYO performing at St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh 2023
Free time, Edinburgh 2023
NYO performing at the Esterhazy Palace in Vienna 2018

The summer tours are aimed to inspire students and help them further their musical journeys and friendships. From the very start of tour everyone settles in to having a great time, creating their own entertainment on the coach, singing, chatting and laughing. The first morning's rehearsal sets the mood for the rest of tour: a fantastic supportive environment created by NYO’s friendly musicians. An open door at the concert venue often results in tourists joining the throng to hear NYO perform. Time off to visit parks, museums and shops, helps to bring the orchestra together with all ages mixing and having fun together.

“Anyone who didn’t know this young orchestra might have wondered if they were pushing their luck in taking Strauss waltzes to perform in some of Vienna’s most prestigious and iconic venues. But long-time admirers will know that there’s nothing which fazes them, as shown by the elegance, style and rhythmic vitality of their approach to Johann II’s Voices of Spring, Blue Danube and Thunder & Lightning Polka.”

— Nottingham Post

“NYO tutors on tour get to be very numerate: imagine how many times we have to count you on and off buses!”

— Andrea Hemmett - NYO Tour Organiser

“I just wanted to say another huge thank you for allowing me to play with the orchestra during the tour to Edinburgh. It was an incredible experience and everyone was so talented, kind and welcoming. It was such a pleasure to be a part of it and I'd love to be able to do it again if you're back in Scotland.”

— Dylan M - Edinburgh 2023
Excited tutors
Excited students