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Orchestra rehearsals

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Weekly rehearsals are an important part of learning together and NYO’s 30 professional tutors, each dedicated to specific instruments, guide each orchestral section. Rehearsals can be Full orchestra or Sectional practice, in preparation for three concerts a year as well as other performing opportunities.
The orchestras rehearse on Thursday evenings during term time (NYJO rehearse on Tuesdays).

Where and when

Members attend rehearsals at The Becket School, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7QY.
The Becket site is easily accessible by public transport (Wilford Lane Tram Stop) as well as car, and parking is easy. An email is sent before rehearsals with full details and helpers are stationed around the school to guide you.

Rehearsal schedules

Schedules for the summer 2024.

Senior Orchestra

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Intermediate Orchestra

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Training Orchestra

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Jazz Orchestra

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“Layla has been so positive about the atmosphere during rehearsals, she said ‘it is like a big family’, and I think that this is a reflection on how skilled all tutors are in establishing that ethos of harmony and hard work.”

— Germina Jauzelon

Need a lift? Lift share scheme

Members’ families are directed to our closed Parents’ Facebook page where they can make arrangements to share lifts.