David Leeder

NYTO Conductor

David Leeder has a passion for encouraging and developing a love of music and ensemble playing in younger people has dedicated much of his energy to teaching and directing ensembles. He was delighted to be asked to direct NYO’s Training Orchestra.

“I consider orchestral etiquette to be very important so I encourage this all the time. More importantly I know that orchestral playing should be fun and rewarding and, along with my expert tutor team, I strive to make our NYTO children feel happy, encouraged and appreciated.”

— David Leeder

Dave is a London trained horn player with a wealth of experience in ensemble and orchestral performing. He is a founder member of the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra and remains their Principal Horn. He has played with many orchestras in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire; notably South Yorkshire Opera, East of England Orchestra (laterly called Viva), and South Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra, and continues to have a busy playing life.

David has been involved in north Nottinghamshire’s music centre and was horn tutor for the old Nottingham County Youth Orchestra and brass tutor for the County Concert Band which is probably where his interest in conducting germinated.

He considers a child’s membership of NYO’s Training Orchestra very important as this is where the foundations of orchestral technique are established, to be built upon as progress is made through the NYO family of orchestras.