Heather Parkin

NYTO Woodwind

Heather is a freelance clarinettist, and woodwind, violin and keyboard teacher, having studied music at Kingston Polytechnic and Exeter University.

Heather started life as a recorder player and, a bit like a tree, branched out: she was part of a recorder ensemble at primary school that won competitions (you did that in those days!) and busked lots so they could go on music courses. She then decided to play a ‘proper’ instrument - the clarinet. Back then, there were so many learning clarinet you could have filled an orchestra with them, so she took up viola, then piano, then flute and saxophone at university, then oboe and bassoon (just don’t ask her to demonstrate oboe – you’ll regret it!)

Heather’s orchestral life started in the Brighton, East Sussex and West Sussex Youth Orchestras, as well as East and West Sussex County Bands.She currently performs with several local and East Midlands orchestras.

“I love teaching the younger players. They are so enthusiastic and very polite about my loud squeaking on the bass clarinet!”

— Heather Parkin