Juliet Ward

NYIO Violas

Juliet studied music in Leeds and Birmingham and is a freelance viola player and teacher. She plays in numerous orchestras and ensembles and has taught pupils, of all ages and abilities, viola, violin and piano, both in schools and privately. She also teaches musicianship and theory, and enjoys coaching and conducting string ensembles.

Juliet has been the NYIO Viola tutor for 20 years and is keen to promote the viola’s rich sounds to violin players and, in transferring to viola, discover a new dimension to their music making.

“Not only does the viola have an essential role in ensembles by greatly enriching the harmonic line and texture, it has a uniqueness of sound that compares to eating chocolate! Interested youngsters are asked to get in touch as NYO may be able to help with a viola taster and instrument loan. Don’t worry about reading a new music clef – that’s just an added cool benefit which can really help your understanding of music theory!”

— Juliet Ward