Matthew Barks

NYO, NYIO, NYTO Double Bass & NYIO Cello

Born and raised in Ilkeston, Matthew is a former member of Nottingham Youth Orchestra. As a pupil of the orchestra’s former double bass tutor, Tony Morgan, Matthew’s fondest memories of NYO are the annual summer tours. As an NYO tutor Matthew is often on the senior orchestra tour “as I’m the only one who knows how to stack 10 cellos, 3 timps and 4 basses under a bus!

Matthew studied in Bath and Nottingham, achieving a Master’s degree in Music. After five years as a restaurant manager, Matthew retrained as a music teacher and now works for Derby and Derbyshire Music Partnership as a string teacher and provider of whole class music projects. Matthew is double bass tutor for the Derbyshire Schools Orchestra and Derbyshire City and County Youth Orchestra.

Passionate about all things double bass, Matthew is keen to promote the instrument wherever he can. As a freelance double bass and bass guitar player, he enjoys busy evening work in several bands and orchestras in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.