Nadine Leeder

NYTO Brass

Nadine is a trombonist and instrumental music teacher, specialising in trombone but also teaching all brass. She studied performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London and performed until she started a family. She then trained as a teacher and found that she really enjoyed teaching and could combine it with playing in orchestras, theatre pits and a pro brass quintet.

“The camaraderie between players when playing is something special and I try to encourage it in NYTO. We’re not there merely to play, but to make friends and play together. I tell the story of my shoe being dropped though a hole in the pit floor, so I retaliated by putting shaving foam in a trumpet mute! Many of my students have gone on to music colleges over the years, several of them having gone through NYO and hopefully learned good orchestral etiquette. NYTO is where it all begins.”

— Nadine Leeder