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February's BRASS WORKSHOP with the fabulous Deep Down Brass was a great success for both NYO brass players and percussionists. This event was funded by NYO and was free to student brass players (Gds 3-8). Instrumentalists took part from every NYO orchestra with representation from players of nearly every orchestral brass instrument plus enthusiastic percussion players.

The evening was designed to further develop brass playing skills, experience inspirational performances by Deep Down Brass with students joining in lots of brass and percussion ensemble playing.

Students were taken through the strategies and importance of warming up efficiently - always important when arriving cold on NYO rehearsal night! They then worked in small and larger ensemble groups to brilliantly sight-read through some excellent popular repertoire chosen to develop rhythmic and stylistic accuracy as well as explore timbre and lyrical playing.

Finally parents and NYO tutors were treated to performances by the students including excellent renditions of Shotgun, Teenage Dirtbag, Shake It Off, All Star and, to bring the evening to a close, What A Wonderful World. It was great to see and hear the talent of more than thirty young musicians working together and our thanks go to Ben, The Brass Factory and the wonderfully inspirational Deep Down Brass.

Deep Down Brass open their workshop with an impressive performance
Mouthpiece warmup session
Music making with Deep Down Brass